WBA was looking to update their WordPress Website into a more modern, minimalistic, giant photo backdrop design. They needed their beautiful photos to stand out and let the product speak for itself. 

WBAstudio is a wedding photography studio in the Dominican Republic, which prides in having one of the best photography portfolios in the area, thanks to the super talented photographers that work for them. 

The site features a carefully chosen theme that was customized for their requirements, where you can find a Woocommerce, a Smug-Smug themed BackOffice and some backdrop hero banners.

We ran the migration from their old site caring about SEO URLs, old Woocommerce transactions and registered user database. 

The result was a successful site that looked way better than it’s predecessor, with a fresh eye-popping presence resulting in an increase of sales through the webshop.

The blog was a welcome addition that now powers enhanced SEO conversions via it’s regularly updated posts, shown in ‘Stories’, where the company chooses to share memorable photoshoots as an extended portfolio.

WBAstudio was a design challenge and a fun migration project overall we enjoyed and are thrilled on the result. 



WBA at


September 8th, 2018