IBPromotions needed a fast loading simple site that would rank well against their competitors on Google. After carefully studying search results pages, we chose a set of target keywords that we could position for. Built in HTML5 and with optimization in mind, simple PHP templating and the minimum amount of javascript and libraries, coded in a way that would be easy to update for the owner.

It features a responsive site in three languages, a custom very light checkout javascript cart experience with logic for bundles, handling fee, and required products, all submited against a remote simple Google Form datasheet.

The result was a successful site that ranked better than it’s local competitors for three years strong. It’s found easily and quicky for the target keywords and yields conversions. It’s owner updates it the way he wants to and keeps care. We are monitoring the search results with a SEO audit every¬†quarter.

We did consider building a JAMstack solution, but it would have been much more complex and costly for a small owner with computer skills. Going for a simple JS/HTML solution was the right choice for IBPromotions. 



Erik Jan Bastmeijer at IBPromotions


26 October, 2018