Karen needed a simple easy to use quick tool for her customers during show nights. A simple web app that would allow customers to browse her huge database of songs. The requirements were simple. Songs had to be listed per language, and the search should be over the whole database. Search could be against songs or artists, and it should be as simple and obvious as possible. There should be no long text or instrucions, or complicated functionalitites. The app should be what the karaoke song lists do, but in a digital easy to access format.

It needed to be quick, responsive, requiring minimal effort for the users to perform two things, primaryly, search, and adittionally, browse. It also required to display songs in the language of the users in the first welcome screen.

The site required a simple backoffice functionality, a place to manually add and tag songs to appear in web searches, to complete the database exposed to the users. 

The app as it looks when accessed from a Desktop Computer
The backoffice offers real time editing on click

The result was an App that easy to use that the physical song lists were no longer needed. The mobile app was good enough experience to be fast, responsive, snappy and intuititve to browse the catalog without a cumbersome interface. When you don’t notice the interface and the tool simply does what’s expected from the users, then it’s designed correctly. 

Site works with functional vanilla javascript featuring Google Material Design, to deliver an intuitive fast loading database search.

Other small details were added after launch, such as loading results as you scroll down, or search as you type.

Searches are sent to Google Analytics to monitor new songs. When the song was not found in the database, a simple contact form was added to submit a wish-to-add a new song as request.

As a next step, we wanted to create a client/server song request to be submited to the host in real time, but that meant ditching the books completely, which some customers did not appreacite. So the project ended in a simple mobile search engine with a couple of filters and all user interface help we could think of for a polished user experience. 



Karen Beisterveld


20th May, 2016